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Our Story

Our Story

Believe it or not, our story stemmed from a New Year’s resolution. Our Co Founder Sara

told herself that she was going to be more green conscious. Her persistence and tenacity never stopped her from doing countless hours of research into learning about the ‘green world.’ A few hundred hours into research, a changed lifestyle and many sleepless nights, Reactive was born.

Reactive is an eco friendly and sustainable activewear brand that is on a mission to not only make the fitness industry more green conscious but to also create an activewear line for the ALL DAY, ERR DAY kind of people. We want to create a platform where women can be fit, strong, badass and vibe around like minded people. 

We source all our recycled materials from REPREVE. REPREVE is a brand that focuses on turning plastic water bottles into recycled materials to make garments. We pay attention to detail, we care for the process from start to finish and most of all, we want to help people make a difference. Our mission is to create activewear that makes our clients look good, feel good and DO GOOD.


What chu say?

"Amazzzzzing! It fits like a glove. I just finished Muay Thai training in it and I felt amazing wearing it"

“So impressed that it came to Singapore in 2 days! I love the material, the quality is so so good - it doesn't feel flimsy or those thin material type at all!”

"I'm really loving the Signature Set. It fits so well and I love how I look in it!"

- Naltilda -

- Farah - 

- Anita -

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